Autor: Predrag Raičević ZIG
Povratak na naslovnicu

There were 246 authors from 41 countries, who sent more than 548 artworks to the 9th international festival of cartoon ZAGREB 2004.


According to the regulations (main theme of the festival was JUSTICE), the following prizes were decided upon the jury:

  GOLDEN MEDAL: Mojmir Mihatov (Croatia)   Mojmir Mihatov (Croatia)

  SILVER MEDAL: Slawomir Luczynski (Poland)   Slawomir Luczynski (Poland)

  BRONZE MEDAL: Viacheslav Bibishev (Russia)   Viacheslav Bibishev (Russia)

   the JURY

  • Branka Hlevnjak, president of the Jury, art critic
  • Antun Kresimir Buterin, editor of the humoristic section of daily newspapers Vjesnik
  • Frano Dulibic, art historian
  • Srecko Puntaric, cartoonist
  • Zdenko Puhin, cartoonist

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