There were 396 authors from 44 countries, who sent more than 756 artworks to the 10th international festival of cartoon ZAGREB 2005.

From the catalogue:

"As a part of the Firemen's Olympics which will take place in Varaždin from July 17 to July 24, 2005, cooperation started between economy and art, that is, between the Croatian Firemen Association and the Croatian Cartoonists Association. An international cartoon exhibition has been put together by both associations on the topic "Firemen", so along with the Firemen's Olympics, an Art Olympics will also be held. According to some historical and scientific sources people on the outskirts of Nice, France, knew fire a million years ago. The fear from fire has been known ever since because it destroys life, leaves wounds and ruins property. Our ancestors learnt how to control fire only 500 thousand years later. The first water pump appeared in Alexandria (Egypt) 400 years before Christ. The last huge fire, which we all still bear in mind, is the one that happened when the Twins were attacked. On September 11, 2001, thousands of people died and among them there were more than 300 firemen. The cartoons at the exhibition are dedicated to firemen and they will present us opinions of cartoonists from all over the world, and from their cartoons we can conclude that in all corners of the world people have almost identical problems, and that we have similar ideas about their causes, consequences and solutions. Obviously, it is easier to overcome all our problems with humor, and so is the problem of fire, even if it takes the form of love fire, Olympic fire, or thirst which has to be put out, but not with water. We leave water for those fires which present greater danger or distress to our everyday life. In this case artists, painters, cartoonists from all over the world are united in their belief that fire as tragedy can be beaten, and they show it in their unique and unparalleled way with two matches in the air instead of fingers forming the "V" sign standing for victory or pyromaniacs' Victoria, but in fact it is always the firemen's victory, because there was no fire which could not be extinguished by bravery and knowledge of these devoted men, and these works show that the world is united when facing this common danger and they are also united in their search of solution of this problem and in solidarity during great disasters, such as fire, flood, earthquake..."
Janko Bucar, cartoonist


According to the regulations (main theme of the festival was FIREMEN), the following prizes were decided upon the jury:

  GOLD MEDAL: Ronaldo Cunha Dias (Brasil)  Ronaldo Cunha Dias (Brasil)

  SILVER MEDAL: Ahmet Öztürklevent (Turkey)  Ahmet Öztürklevent (Turkey)

  BRONZE MEDAL: Hou Xiaoqiang (China)  Hou Xiaoqiang (China)

   the JURY

From left to right:

  • Ivica Kis, Cartoonist
  • Miroslav Kirincic, Representative of the Croatian Firemen Association
  • Frano Dulibic, Art Historian
  • Josko Marusic, Cartoonist
  • Darijana Gotal-Sokolovic, Cartoonist

  •    The OPENING

    The opening ceremony took place at Klovicevi dvori Gallery in Zagreb on Thursday, 30.06.2005

    All is ready for the opening ceremony

    Firemen, main theme of the festival

    The crowded gallery

    The number of sent cartoons beats all records

    Lili, the youngest cartoon fan

    Hosts, president Saric & Nik Titanik

    Mr.Biskup from the Croatian Firemen Association

    Mrs.Tatjana Holjevac, the City Assembly president

    Josip Cosic Agramer, our cartoonist poet in action

    Cosic thanks to Mr.Malcic, a firemen from Zagreb

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