There were 253 authors from 50 countries, who sent 529 artworks to the 12th international festival of cartoon ZAGREB 2007.



According to the regulations (main theme of the festival was FAKE), the following prizes were decided upon the jury:

  GOLD MEDAL: Makhmudjon Eshonkulov (Uzbekistan)  M.Eshonkulov (Uzbekistan)

  SILVER MEDAL: Dave Connaughton (England)  Dave Connaughton (England)

  BRONZE MEDAL: Živko Nimac (Croatia)  Živko Nimac (Croatia)

   the JURY

From left to right:

  • Olga Vujović, Journalist of Radio Sljeme
  • Antun Krešimir Buterin, Journalist of daily newspapers Vjesnik
  • Nik Titanik, Cartoonist
  • Milan Lekić Lex, Cartoonist
  • Fedor Kritovac, President of the jury, cartoonist, critic

  •    The OPENING

    The opening ceremony took place at Klovićevi dvori Galery in Zagreb on Monday, 11.06.2007

    Davor Trgovčević, host of the ceremony

    President Šarić is giving the opening speech

    The gallery was crowded with...

    ...genuine cartoons fans.

    Our traditional after-dinner...

    ...in legendary Bačvica (Keg) restaurant

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